There are several ways to support The Raconteur.

1: DONATE. It’s easy. Just click the button below and enter the amount you wish to give:

2. Join THE RACONTEUR SOCIETY and become a part of our privileged League of Loyal Literati!

For five centuries elite, often covert organizations have withheld important information, manipulated the global economy, waged wars, and controlled the balance of power. Societies like the Knights Templar, the Illuminati, the Bilderberges, the Freemasons, Majystk 12, Essex Junto, and The Order of Skull and Bones. Now you, too, can be a member of your own exclusive group, and you don't have to be rich or powerful. You don't have to go to Yale, wear a cilice, or trace your lineage to Godfrey de Bouillon, leader of the First Crusade. All you have to do is dig the The Rac, and, of course, pay fifty dollars.

By joining The Raconteur Society, you will receive gifts, discounts, and benefits, while also helping to ensure that The Raconteur will continue its mission of free, high-caliber, weekly programming for many years to come.

A $50.00 year-long membership to The Raconteur Society includes:

2-for-1 sales (book purchase*/DVD rental) at all Raconteur in-store events (The Raconteur hosts 75 FREE events a year; that's 75 discrete opportunities to SAVE BIG).
Special invites to members-only events.
A cool-looking, laminated membership card.
The official Society password.

*Excludes new/antiquarian titles

GIVE THE GIFT OF CULTURE! A membership to The Raconteur makes a great gift for your favorite bibliophile, wordsmith or film buff. (Or even your favorite chuff, churl, and philistine. Indeed, by giving a friend or loved one a membership, you encourage them to attend one of our free weekly events--live music, film screenings, art exhibitions, staged readings, author signings--while underscoring the connection between culture and pleasure. How urbane!)


Or pop by the shop. We'll keep the light on and the laminator hot.

3: VOLUNTEER. Our staff is composed entirely of volunteers. Volunteers initially work on the floor, shelving and alphabetizing books. This is ideal for those who can’t commit to a set schedule as floor volunteers may “drop by” to work. Eventually, volunteers are given four hour shifts behind the counter (naturally, shift volunteers must commit to a fixed weekly schedule). Volunteers get free DVD rentals and automatic memberships to The Raconteur Society.

If you’re interested in volunteering at the shop, please e-mail us at with VOLUNTEER as the subject heading.