Thursday, March 8, 2012


The Raconteur bookshop isn't a beast, it's a nest, a cocoon, and as such we haven't died, we've simply molted and taken wing. So don't be too sad when you pass our empty shop front. What you'll see isn't a carcass, but an abandoned hole in the ground; it's the gray, papery ball you see bubbled around a branch; it's the empty cluster of twigs and trash you see wedged in the crotch of a tree. Thanks for all your support over the years, my friends. And watch the skies!

451 @ 431
6:30 PM, Sat. Feb 4

While the shop will be empty, dark, locked, onto the newly bare white walls an unattended device will project "Fahrenheit 451," Truffaut's Bradbury based film about a future society where reading is outlawed. Feel free to watch from the sidewalk. Your last chance to fire your imagination and Rac your brain at 431 Main.

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